Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PTSW: Foul Shot

With nieces and nephews and students and former students and children of friends dribbling and passing and shooting, urging the big sphere through the netted hoop, I suppose it's time to trot out this moment captured by Edwin Hoey. It is taken that little text I taught from in 1970. If you want to reach a reader, push or pull or coax, lofting those verbs, nudging them to teeter and tremble and tumble into the world...

 Foul Shot 
With two 60’s on the scoreboard

And two seconds hanging on the clock,
The solemn boy in the center of eyes,
Squeezed by silence,
Seeks out the line with his feet
Soothes his hands along his uniform
Gently drums the ball against the floor,
Then measures the waiting net,
Raises the ball on his right hand,
Balances it with his left
Calms it with fingertips,
And then through a stretching of stillness,
Nudges it upward.

The ball

Slides up and out,
Plays it coy
Until every face begs with unsounding screams—

            And then
                                    And then
                                                            And then,
Right before ROAR-UP,

Dives down and through.

by Edwin Hoey

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords shot

Ariz. Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been shot in the head at point blank range according to reports. We will endure a lot of inquiry and investigation. Perhaps this is a personal rather than a political attempted assassination. But given some of the rhetoric of the far right, one can't help speculating that we may have our first bloody victims of their hateful words.

Palin Puts Giffords in the Crosshairs

Her Opponents Campaign

1/14/11 Note: I have edited this post to remove an intemperate word of my own. The so-called "Tea Party" includes several organizations and people of a variety of conservative political beliefs. Some I would not hesitate to characterize as extremist, but many who identify themselves in general with the "Tea Party" movement do not qualify for that adjective.

[A totally unrelated tirade about grammar: 
I hesitate to use "extremist" as an adjective in the above sentence for fear it will be taken as a noun. There are in the body politick a large percentage who do not realize that the plural of a noun ending in "-ist" should end in "-ists". One Methodist, two Methodists. One extremist, two extremists. This is a constant aggravation to me. How many times have you read a comment during the last ten years about a bunch of "terrorist". Aaaiiiiiiaiiiiiiii!
I feel better now.]