Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've uploaded a few stories this week. My student teacher used her little Flip camera to video two stories on Thursday... but they were done in the Exploratorium -- that's our grand name for the cluttered classroom we use as our science lab. So on Friday we videoed again, this time with a tripod and better camera in Avis's neat and interesting Media Center.

Here are the links:
Pigtails Part One
Pigtails Part Two
This is the story of temptation on my very first day of first grade in 1953.

The Tailor
A traditional story of recycling and reuse,  told by Danny Kaye, among others.

How 'Possum Learned To Play 'Possum Part One
How 'Possum Learned To Play 'Possum Part Two

A Joel Chandler Haris story retold by Ed Stivender and others.

Here are some written versions of stories I tell:

Baptism by Water and Fire
Bud and James follow the Dinky tracks and go skinny-dipping in the Yellow River.

Didelphis Virginiana
A midnight prowler in Booger Hollow

Spare the Rod, Icabod
As a beginning teacher I was left in custody of 30 sixth-graders and one Black Dragon.

I'll never look a Florida in quite the same way.

How my saddest Christmas also brought me joy.

I have also recorded some podcasts of, mostly, poems:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please Fight This!

The atrocity proposed by a private for-profit group on our city parkland/wetland

I wonder how much empty retail space is available withing a one mile radius of this park?  And only a little farther is Mt Berry Square which must be less than half full, and would surely be killed by this. This development would be larger than Riverbend Center, as you can see from the map below.. It would be built on public land sold at a big bargain, in my opinion, to the Ledbetter group. It would rob our children and grandchildren of this center city greenspace.

We do not need another strip mall in downtown Rome. It would much preferable to redevelop space already available and/or fill our mall, downtown and other strip malls. Draining and filling a downtown wetland for this purpose is very short-sighted. Please sign the petition. Please contact city leaders.

Here is a picture of part of the proposed parking lot.

Sign the petition to save our "Central Park" from irresponsible development.

Friday, March 09, 2012

This chart shows part of the change that President Obama pledged to seek and has, in fact, achieved. He and all his fellow Americans had hoped it could have been even more dramatic, but few of us realized the hole we were in during the winter of 2008-9.

Mitt/Rick/Newt, with straight faces, call the President's policies "job-killing". Check out the facts one more time boys.

The President's policies have not yet brought us to full-employment, but they have allowed us to make a dramatic turn in the right direction. We can argue the causality, but fact are facts. The trend changed in the President's first month and reached positive job growth by a year later. Now we've had two full years of positive job growth. All this despite constant stonewalling by the GOP.