Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not There Yet But On the Right Track

The turnaround that our President has led is nothing short of phenomenal. We are still hurting from the recession and will be for a while - I have several relatives and friends who are searching for jobs - but we are headed in the right direction and faster than anyone could have expected. And the turning point was the inauguration of a pragmatic, no nonsense, non-doctrinaire President.

Sorry to have been neglecting you, Ol' Blog. I'll try to do better.

In some ways this year is just as important as 2008. We face the usual reverse political tendency two years after a big win. The so-called "Tea Party" has huffed and puffed (with the usual right-wing blow-hards in the media lending their lung power) some enthusiasm in their ranks that must be countered. Actually every single "Tea Party" supporter that I know of was also a supporter of George W. Bush, so they are just the same old right-wing huffers and puffers. The angry always vote. We cannot be apathetic and expect to hold onto our gains of 2006 and 2008. Even with 59 votes in the Senate the President has had a tough slog to pass even watered down legislation against almost unanimous opposition from the Party of No. If we lose seats progress will be slowed further.

We need to get out the word. This President and the Democratic caucus in Congress have handled our troubled economy about as well as possible against a blatantly obstuctionist opposition. And the numbers are beginning to prove it.

Pass the word. We were right. America is coming back.