Sunday, August 04, 2019

There is no excuse.

Jennifer Rubin and I disagree on many national issues. She is generally conservative and I am generally liberal on social and economic issues. But on this we are in total agreement: There is no excuse for supporting this president.
I beg my friends and relatives who have so far been silent about, or even defended this president, to do some soul-searching. Words have consequences. Elections have consequences. We have seen bloody, horrifying, brutal consequences this weekend.
Is this the society we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren?
Ignorance, childishness, bullying, hatefulness, pettiness, and more and more blatant racism?
It is time for legal, ethical, peaceful but righteous anger and civic uprising.
It is time for patriots to take real, persistant, loud, demanding, non-violent action.
Our US Representative, arch-conservative Tom Graves, will be in Rome Tuesday. He needs to hear from patriotic Northwest Georgians of all stripes that we have had enough of white nationalism, racism, hatred, ignorance, and xenophobia. We have had enough of Russian attacks on our nation and of Donald Trump's cozying up with Putin, Kim, and other murderers. We may not all agree on abortion, or social security, or medicare, or what should be done about Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, but surely we can agree that we have had enough of a racist in the White House and of foreign invasion of our most basic republican system -- our elections..
We do not hate Donald Trump the man, but we certainly hate racism and what Russians and this president together have done to the country we love.
It is time for people of faith, people of conscience, to speak out.
Our republic is in real danger. Republican government and liberty are the exception in human history not the rule. Ours is a republic, as Franklin warned us, only if we can keep it.
The Russians are already attacking our electoral system for the 2020 cycle. Americans are already sharing Russian created facebook posts daily.
People are dying.
Twenty-nine this weekend. TWENTY-NINE.
Who can deny that there is blood on this president's hands?
After more than two years,
- after the the clear crimes detailed in the Mueller report,
- after the Senate bipartisan intelligence committee report of continuing Russian scheming,
- after the white nationalism, racism, terror, and blood of Charlottesville through El Paso...
... silence is complicity.