Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Old Bikes

This is a cross-post from the Monthly Marathon.
I wish more folks would get involved with the Monthly Marathon. I need the encouragement! We haven't been very dedicated to it in May. We have walked very sporadically and kept poor to non-existent records.
With graduation for Lil and the usual end-of-year madness for a teacher, time has been short.

A couple of weeks ago I popped into our local Salvation Army Thrift Store, as I do often, to check out the latest book donations and other junque. There, among the usual tangle of rusty, warped, and/or dented No-Names and Huffys, were a matching pair of green Raliegh Sprite Bikes, probably 30 -40 years old but in good shape for their age. Knowing they were great bikes in their day I bought 'em for $9.99 each, threw them onto the truck and drove them straight to Bob's Cycle Shop. I told the new Bob (the original Bob sold out a few years ago) to put on new tires and cables and fix 'em up for me. I figured $50 bucks apeice, he estimated $75, the final bill was about $100 each. But, be that as it may, for a little over 200 bucks we have two cool green smooth-running ten-speeds.
Today was our first chance to give them a decent workout. We rode them along the riverwalk to the Braves Stadium and back (9.2 miles). Brannon took our pics as we celebrated with strawberry popsicles on our return. The pic is in our backyard. The Riverwalk is on the levee in the background.

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