Friday, February 01, 2008

Jonquils before Groundhog Day

Last week I took a stroll through our school woods, hoping to get a wildlife shot or two. Nothing as dramatic as the snake pictures from last summer or the groundhog shot from last spring. But it's nice to get the full view that the leafless woods provide this time of year. You get a better feel for the lay of the land.

Here you can see the meander of our little stream way down the hill from our outdoor classroom.

Here the double white horizontal stripes that mark our boundary with Berry College property and a more recent blue boundary tape helps me keep our trail on our property.

This is probably an old home site. There are already lots of buds on the jonquils poking through the leaf mould.

Here it is February first and I take another walk. My annual Find a Jonquil Blooming before Groundhog Day Walk. Usually I can find somewhere in Rome Georgia a daffodil holding high its trumpet to announce that winter will pass. No luck this year. I was sure the clump above that seemed so ready to burst forth last week would be blooming now. Here's the same clump on Feb. 1.

It won't be long though.

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