Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Concert -- Lillian's Song

Twenty years ago this morning -- it was about 5:30 -- Sheila woke me to announce that the baby had punctured her private little play pool and maybe we'd better drive over to Floyd Medical Center. We spent all day there and into the evening, Sheila working about as hard as I have ever witnessed anyone work. They call it labor for a reason. Finally a little after eleven, Lillian Matthews Shaw made her entrance. What a wonderful blessing to our lives she has been!

When my daughters were little I had an "I Love You" song for each. Brannon's birthday is coming up in eight days, I'll save hers for later. Today here's Tony Bennett singing Lillian's "It's a Sin to Tell A Lie"

Bobby Vinton recorded the song:

Even John Denver sang it. You have to listen through another song first.

Last year I posted a youTube collage of Lillian pictures. Check that out here.

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