Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Joys of Blogging

Checking my Sitemeter, I see that there has been a dramatic drop-off of folks climbing out to visit me on my limb. No wonder! It has been loading vvvveeeerrrryyyy slowly or not at all, according to reliable reports. My friend, Mike Bock, has found it impossible to post to the Limb. (I had to post his Einstein post for him.)

The Carnival of Education folks said we crashed their system when they tried to connect this week! Yikes! When I have opened some of my recent posts I have found as many as 200 pages of nonsense html that I didn't put there! When I deleted the garbage code and re-posted, things were better, then a while later - shezammm!-- there it was again! (What is going on??)

So I have grafted the Limb onto the New Blogger tree.

Please let me know if it works better.

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