Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weblog Awards

The 2007 Weblog Award season is here. I've taken the liberty of nominating a few of my favorites. Nominations close today. You might want to check it out.

In addition to nominating or "seconding" a bunch of my family's many blogs, (two of my siblings have very highly linked blogs (Beth is number 24 and Carol is number 136!!) I have made these nominations, whadya think?

Best Blog: Brave Humans

Best Liberal Blog: Oh!Pinion

Best Religious Blog: (1) The Questing Parson (2) Irenic Thoughts

Best Education Blog: The Miss Rumphius Effect

Best Literature Blog (I didn't see this new category or I would have put Tricia here to start with): The Miss Rumphius Effect

If I get the time I may nominate a few others from my sidebar, like

History is Elementary (education)
Bookwink (literature)
Russ Ringstat (diarist)

The Limb, lowly insect that it is, is self-nominated among the "rest of the blogs" and is honored that someone felt led to nominate us in the "Liberal Blog" category. I note they've dropped the Moderate Blog category this year. I spose the problem is that we all think "left" and "right" are properly defined from our own vantage points -- we're the ones in the sensible middle.

Anyway, there are a few hours left. Go nominate a good blog.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

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