Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Seven: I promise you - A Small Kidney Stone is Someone Else's Kidney Stone.

I have been experiencing the joys of hosting a Kidney Stone for the last several weeks. I didn't know the name of my guest till he kidney-punched me a week ago Saturday. He got in another hard punch last Sunday then just peppered me with light stuff for a few days. Thursday he hid out and until about four yesterday I decided he had left the house. But up he popped and gave me the hardest jolt yet. I walked bent for several hours, popping pain pills. I'd write a line or two of my post about Gary (below) then walk from one end of the house to another bent at the waist and listing several degrees to port (to continue my love of scrambled metaphor). Finally we jumped in the car and visited Immediate Care where a sweet little nurse stung my rear with a hefty dose of some modern magic. Twenty minutes later the pain was gone. It is still gone, but the stone remains and makes himself known in less dramatic ways.

Maybe you are wondering how I'm gonna get a Sunday Seven out of this. Well, folks, I am one thankful guy and at least seven times blessed this cool October morning!

1. I am thankful for Sheila. I can't imagine how lonesome it would be and what additional pain it would make to undergo debilitating pain without a life partner standing by. Sheila took time she couldn't really afford to represent both of us at Gary's funeral on Thursday. She has kept me supplied with delicious chicken/potato soup and corn muffins. She drives her moaning husband back and forth to hospital/doctor/immediate care. She walks the floors with me. She strokes my brow and seems to genuinely love someone who cannot possibly be very attractive right now.

2. I am thankful that I live in 2007. Can you imagine enduring kidney stone pain with no access to medical care. No pain reliever. No idea of an ending other than death. I can imagine a primitive person begging for death after a few hours!

3. I am thankful for the internet. Despite all the junk out there, a person can pretty quickly get a basic education on most any topic, including kidney stones.

4. I am thankful for the love and concern of my two daughters, my mother, and other family members who have called to check on me and cheer me from afar.

5. I am thankful for that magic shot in the tush. I forgot to ask the magician which spell he used with that slender wand.

6. I am thankful for the prayers, calls, and well wishes from so many church, school, family, and internet friends. I'll note one special friend, Mr. Wint Barton, who took the time for an encouraging call.

7. I suspect you all, wherever you are, will hear my deafening thank yous and hallelujahs when I finally get to see my unwelcome 4mm guest!

These are real pictures of relatives of my guest. They are not always so spiky, but ouch! No wonder that thing is hard to get outta there. It may be dug in.
(from another blog.)

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