Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain's Lobbyist Ties Lessen His Credibility

We are all Georgians? What part of our Georgian-ness is due to $800,000 paid by the Georgian government to McCain's advisors?
Check out the Washington Post report.

Hat tip to If I Ran the Zoo.

We need an uncompromised President to confront Putin's effort to reconstitute a Russian empire. McCain ain't him.

On another note: Does McCain have no positive message at all? The Republican campaign is just silly. The stupid Britney/Paris ad. Pretending that the Obama vacation with his family in his home State of Hawaii is somehow unAmerican. They are still using the tire gauge gotcha ads - pretending that Obama's light-hearted answer to a question is his whole energy program!! Using ugly divisive negative ads during the Olympics when we are all cheering together for the American team. Maybe they have turned the campaign over to Limbaugh and Hannity ? Most of their stuff for the 71 year-old "straight-talking" candidate is that juvenile.

Then there's Corsi:

Remember when the McCain supporters were accusing Obama of being presumptious in his foreign tour. Now John McCain is on the phone "daily" with the Georgian president, and sending emissaries to Georgia, and otherwise generally trying to upstage the sitting President -- not a difficult task.

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