Sunday, September 21, 2008

George Will on John McCain

When George Will -- George Will!! -- has this to say about the Republican candidate for President, the GOP has a problem:

"I suppose the McCain campaign's hope is that when there's a big crisis, people will go for age and experience. The question is, who in this crisis looked more presidential, calm and un-flustered? It wasn't John McCain who, as usual, substituting vehemence for coherence, said 'let's fire somebody.' And picked one of the most experienced and conservative people in the administration, Chris Cox, and for no apparent reason... It was un-presidential behavior by a presidential candidate."
-George Will, Conservative Commentator

Tuesday Note: George Will writes more on this topic in his column today.

Of course he doesn't seem Presidential when he affirms: "I'm John McCain and I approve this message" just before or after another big lie.

Here's a little fun in regard to McCain's sleazy ads:

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