Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Concert: Amazing Grace for Mother

My wonderful mother has been after me to record some of the hymns I often sing (usually at funerals). Actually my vocal coach, Angela Flannigan McRee and I have been busy recording some of those and other songs for quite a while. We have about a dozen finished so the world wide web will have to put up with more Terrell recordings for a while.

I only know how to upload music that is attached to video - hence the somewhat random old family pictures to accompany the song.

This arrangement is one of my favorites. I've been singing it for a couple of decades, thanks to Rachel Jones who introduced me to it. I am glad it includes the fourth verse - often skipped in congregational singing, much to my chagrin.

So here are four verses (plus the final verse added by later generations) of John Newton's hymn to the Amazing Grace that can reverse the course of even a wretched slave trader.

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