Friday, February 24, 2012


The power of music can shock the system. Only a brief clip of an oldie can instantly recreate a decades-old mental milieu of perception. Blogging about it turned somehow to verse.


Switching stations at 75 mph
I catch just a bit,
a short musical phrase.

Just the last few measures
of the Supremes
put my bare feet
on wet poolside pavement.
I smell the chlorine.
I enjoy a morsel of moon pie
& swig from
an ice-flecked bottle of RC.

And turning with her
from the concession stand
-- ah yes --
soak in the reflected warmth
of that yellow bikini
one more time --

I know its occupant
and I
are much changed
50 years later.

But I dance,
with the daffodil.

by Terrell Shaw

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