Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Congress is Disfunctional

Our Congress is disfunctional.

Virtually every bill in the Senate is blocked by filibuster. A majority of the Senate and a majority of Americans want to end tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas. But Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a bipartisan "insourcing" bill that would have have done just that.

The Bring Jobs Home Act also would have given tax incentives to companies that bring jobs back to the United States. The measure failed to advance despite a 56-42 favorable vote, because 60 votes are needed to end the Republican filibuster of the bill.

Earlier in the week, Republicans also used their ever-ready filibuster to stomp out the Disclose Act, which would have required (oh, no!) their fat-cat employers - errrrrr, contributors, to disclose campaign contributions of more than $10,000.

Our Georgia, errrr Corporate, Senators, Chambliss & Isakson, are part of the 42, of course.

Four Republican senators bucked their lock-step colleagues and voted with the people - Snowe & Collins of Maine, Heeler of Nevada, and Brown of Massachusetts (the last in a neck-and-neck battle for re-election - the opinion of the people is perhaps a little more important to him right now.)

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  1. It is spelled "dysfunctional".

    One of those funky spellings.

    It does give your title an ironic twist.