Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bad News


Dear friends,

I have just heard devastating news.

Short-circuiting our efforts to stop the sale of our parkland connecting Jackson Hill and Ridge Ferry Park, Ledbetter Properties, I am told, has decided today to exercise their bargain option to buy the entire tract --- all of our public property between Jackson Hill and Ridge Ferry Park. We have two commissioners --- Wendy Davis and Sue Hamler Lee --- who have looked at our wetland and floodplain with Hundred Year Eyes and seen its value to our posterity. Unless there is enough of an outcry to change three minds on the City Commission that property will be re-zoned to allow the apartments.

We have to somehow convince three of these folks --- before Monday Sept. 28 --- to change their minds:

Kim Canada,706-291-7844
Bill Collins, 706-291-0208
Jamie Doss, 706-295-4008
Bill Irmscher, 706-234-6555
Evie McNeice, 706-237-6070
Milton Slack, 706-291-6811
Buzz Wachsteter, 706-291-0678

Please take a few minutes now to call or e-mail these folks. Let them know that we cannot let this happen. Beg, plead, demand, that our children and grandchildren and theirs have this beautiful link to explore along our rivers then through this wetland and to the top of Jackson Hill. Few other cities have a wildlife/wildflower treasure like this in its very center. Tell them to vote against a change of zoning and to try to negotiate a way out of what I believe is a very bad deal with Ledbetter Properties.

Demand they use their Hundred Year Eyes.

Look again at this picture.

Read the words of the city's decade-old plan for our property at Burwell Creek.

Read the words on this very appropriate cartoon.

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