Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daddy's Roses: Monday Memory

My sister Joan, a hero of mine, wrote yesterday of her memories of Kindergarten and Early Elementary in the little mill town where my family lived in the forties.
She talked of nap time and that reminded me of my shock on learning that my attitude toward sleep is not shared by all members of my species. Here's the comment I made to her post:

Naps! Cruel and unusual punishment!!

I used to do a little interest inventory with my new students each year. As part of it they would make a list of their favorite activities. I was shocked that first year to see that several kids listed sleeping! An "activity"??!!

It had never occurred to me that ANYONE would sleep except for cause. Sleep is what I have always done when I could be wakeful no longer! It has never been an activity for me, but, in fact, the antithesis of activity -- an actual loss of a fraction of my time for meaningful activity on earth.

I do not remember naptime at school but if my teachers enforced it, I'm sure I rebelled!

Check out my sister's interesting autobiography:
Daddy's Roses: Monday Memory

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