Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Don Baird, my cuz.

Don Baird

During my teen years, pressed for conversation on a date, I would tune in 750 on the old radio dial and see if I could catch my first cousin Don broadcasting the news on WSB. Clear channel WSB can be heard just about anywhere. That was good for a little conversation about my famous cousin. What a great radio voice! I didn't really know Don that well at the time. He was older and we only saw each other at weddings, funerals, and other reunions at Mama Baird's house.

In recent years I've been able to know this guy better. Since he is an only child and both his parents are gone, my mother and I and my siblings have managed to talk him into joining our branch of the family tree more often, even joining us for some vacation time.

Don is smart, wise, gentle, unassuming, creative, and full of fascinating stories about the great interviews he has done with folks like Peter, Paul, and Mary or Lester Maddox or lots of other celebrities and politicians. He's had a spate of health problems lately. I hope he will soon feel like joining our family blog obsession and tell a few of those stories.

I ran across this website of WSB Radio history with a nice little article about Don.

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