Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Five

1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought?

Record: About 1956 or so, I walked downtown in Griffin, Georgia from 333 S. 9th St. and bought with my own money at Record Haven the 45 rpm single of "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. As I recall "Don't Be Cruel" was on the back. What ever happenned to that?

LP: When I was a teen I joined the Columbia Music Club and received a passel of LPs "free" with my membership. It was a mix of folk and easy listening: PP&M, Pete Seeger, Andy Williams, Joan Baez; Johnny Mathis, The Kingston Trio, Chad Mitchell Trio, etc.

Tape: Lots of accompaniment tapes (I predate the term "karaoke".)

CD: I don't remember the first CD. We have most of the PP&M albums on CD. Books on CD (Tolkien especially). Storytelling: Bill Harley & Donald Davis

2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer?

PP&M: we've heard 'em in person several times. Arlo and Pete. The Weavers. Chad Mitchell Trio. Kingston Trio -- am I dated or what? More recent singers: Michael Crawford, the late Eva Cassidy, and, of course, my daughters. Last night, Susan Campbell, our pastor's wife sang "Via Dolorosa" at the Maundy Thursday service. She took absolute and complete ownership of the song, then gave it away unreservedly. Wow.

3. What have you been listening to lately?

NPR in the car. Old records and storytelling CDs at home.

4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast? NPR. They have great music, Click & Clack, the Sunday Puzzle, Prairie Home Companion, the Story Booth Project, great commentary (fair and balanced, by the way, unlike the crazies who tried to copyright the terms), straight news.

5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to?

Anything by Eva Cassidy. Or my storytelling dvd, should it ever actually be finished.

I picked this series of questions up from Mike at Musings & Meanderings.

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