Monday, April 10, 2006

You Knew When You Elected Me

"You Knew When You Elected Me:
I Am a Born Again Christian"

I heard it on TV the other day: “God wants you to be a millionaire.” It was said on the Christian TV Channel by a plumb evangelist who was becoming increasingly agitated and enthusiastic. He had his group of believers, also becoming quite enthusiastic, waving their hands, looking upwards, and beseeching repeatedly something like, “Give me. Give me.”

Shouldn’t a group of true Christians organize a protest meeting in front of that TV station? With placards declaring: “Unfair to Christians”, “Quite Misrepresenting My Beliefs” and the like. Shouldn’t someone, in the name of the true Christ, become a witness for truth?

We keep waiting for a sensible Muslim voice to arise and condemn destructive actions made in the name of the Muslim religion. Where is the massive Muslim protest that inform and educate us as to why the true Muslim faith would never condone or encourage disregard for human life? Shouldn’t someone, in the name of the prophet, become a witness for truth?

George W. Bush has declared himself to be born again, one who has undergone a personal conversion experience, one who has an ongoing personal relationship with Christ. The public religious claims of George Bush, I believe, would be shocking to our founding fathers. Can you imagine that in a presidential debate, during the time of our founding fathers, that if John Adams, for example, had been asked what thinker had most influenced him and why, that he would have answered, “Jesus Christ. Because he changed my life”?

The idea that religion and politics don’t mix is an idea fixed deeply into our national subconscious, based upon real fears and for many good reasons, deeply rooted in history. I don't think George Bush's debate answer about Jesus would have been very popular at most stages of American history.

In Hollywood, they say, a lot of people have a movie concept that they pitch at every opportunity, say a ten second elevator ride. Here’s mine:

Here is an interesting concept: George W. Bush is our true Christian president. The date is February, 2003, George Bush faces the cameras in the Oval Office:

“My fellow Americans. You knew when you elected me that I proclaimed that I am a born again Christian. Yes, I am worried about Iraq and my gut is telling me that war is the answer. And if I listened to George W. Bush, then we would go to war. But I must listen to the words of Christ. My Savior is telling me that evil is not overcome with evil, but that evil is overcome with good. I am therefore proposing a $1 Trillion Ten Year Development Plan for Iraq and the Middle East.”

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