Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is Bush 41 Grinding His Teeth?

I have been fascinated to imagine the true relationship between Bush 41 and Shrub. Junior's administration often seems dismissive, and sometimes downright disdainful, of Daddy's stewardship of the nation. Papa Bush, the former diplomat and quintessential wonk, surely is rankled by the blustery, boneheaded foreign policy of the Boy.

Now Shrub's spokeman, (and Rush Limbaugh substitute) Mr. Snow, has pretty much officially blamed the terrorist attacks of 2001 on the wimpiness of post-Presidential buddies, Bush 41 and Bill.
Now, when the United States walked away, in the opinion of Osama bin Laden in 1991, bin Laden drew from that the conclusion that Americans were weak and wouldn't stay the course, and that led to September 11th.

Maureen Dowd says Daddy oughta spank George W.

Maybe America will assume, belatedly, that parental duty in November.

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