Sunday, May 04, 2008

Call for Submissions!

Charlie at 10,000 Birds has issued a call for submissions for the May edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors.

If you haven't visited 10,000 Birds lately, you should check it out. Charlie and company have redesigned the site to make it even more entertaining and helpful.

If you have written or read an interesting post about the great outdoors, submit it to Charlie today. If you have a suggestion of a deserving website that should be noticed by those interested sharing nature with children, pass it along. Do you have a favorite nature-related children’s website that would be a candidate for the Virtual Outdoors award? Send it to Charlie. Would you like to see this carnival grow? Copy this Call for Submissions to your own blog! And after Charlie posts #12 (around May 12), post an announcement and link on your blog. Help us make Learning in the Great Outdoors a great tool for anyone interested in watching children learn in the context of the environment around us.

Email charlie10000birds - AT - gmail - DOT - com.

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