Friday, May 23, 2008

Fanning Flames

I believe Barack Obama will be an inspiring President. I will support him enthusiastically despite the fact that I first supported John Edwards, and after Edwards dropped from the race I supported Hillary Clinton. I have several times spoken about the wealth of candidates we have had in the Democratic Party this year.

The enthusiasm for the Democratic candidates, the huge turnouts in Democratic caucuses and primaries, the special election victories for our party, all point to a Democratic victory in November.

The primary hope for the Republicans is that we will form a circular firing squad in our close race for the nomination. Democrats who have jumped on Hillary Clinton today, as CNN and others have tried to fan a fire from the tiniest spark in history, do a disservice to the cause. Hillary Clinton, plainly, obviously, undeniably, simply, mentioned the 1968 race as an example of races that lasted into June. Wolf Blitzer and others have tried to make her mere mention of Robert Kennedy's assassination into some message that was NOT a part of the conversation! Barack Obama needs to reprimand those in his campaign who try to make something else of this! That is outragious, wrong, insulting to Sen. Clinton, insulting to me, insulting to any reasonable person. Just because an lightweight like Wolf Blitzer tries to make a ratings-boosting controversy out of nothing, the Obama campaign doesn't have to join in. That is the same old politics, not the changed politics we all want - and have come to expect - from his campaign.

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