Monday, December 08, 2008

You be the referee

I like high school football. And I enjoy trying to prognosticate the games in the AAAA classification here in Georgia, especially this year. Our Rome Wolves came one ref's call from appearing in the championship game at the Georgia Dome next Friday night. Here's the play that cost Rome their chance at the championship. It is the final play of the game. Rome has led all evening and still leads with six seconds to go 17-13. Our opponents, a great Marist team, is trying to score from the three yard line on a fourth down play as time expires. What do you think? Is it a score? The player's knee is touching the ground. His arms are not fully extended. There is no time on the clock. If the ball is short Rome wins. The shadow of the ball touches the goal, but does the ball cross the plane?

The ref, standing on the goalline says he scored. So, regardless of any other reality, he scored.
Marist 19, Rome 17. Ouch.
(Click the picture to see the video.)

Now, just in case you are the sort who goes ballistic with missed calls by the refs here is a little test of your own observational skills. Perhaps you may give the refs a bit of a break after you've given a look at this video.

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