Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow! I’m A Published Author

I’ve published my own book -- 49 blog articles that I’ve accumulated over the last, almost, three years -- starting in March 2006 here on The Limb! To publish my book, I used a web-site called Lulu. I write about it here. It’s amazingly inexpensive to do. You can make your own 6 inch by 9 inch soft cover book of 181 pages and only print one copy for only $8.24.

So far I’m the only one who has bought any copies -- I bought five copies destined to be Christmas gifts. According to the shipping track record, the books have arrived in Dayton today. I'm very curious what they will look like. I'll give a report later. I’m thinking that I’ll make revisions to the book -- I’m sure something is probably wrong with it -- before I print more.

Here is the titled article for the book, "Why You Are Not Entitled To Your Opinion." I don't know that this article is the most worthy, I just thought this title was the most interesting sounding of the 49 possibilities.

I have to say that disciplining myself to writing a few thoughts has been a worthwhile exercise for me. When I get the Nobel Prize, I will be sure to give special thanks to my encourager, Terrell Shaw.

This is the Lulu button that will take you to the site -- you can see the back cover, the table of contents, and the first 50 pages of my new book.
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

My iMac know-it-all friend helped me photoshop the book's covers -- from pictures taken on my iMac -- and showed me an iMac program that will summarize text. For the fun of it, I put the entire contents of my book into the iMac summarizing program. The result was interesting. I decided not to second guess the wisdom of the iMac. I used that summary in my Lulu description, and I'm thinking of putting it on the cover as a blurb, if I revise the covers.

The summary says, “Education, I feel, must transcend simple academic or vocational purpose. After all, schools for a democracy must have different education goals than the education goals that schools for a totalitarian state might have. Ultimately our future safety and prosperity depends upon the degree that our nation acts as a vigorous democracy.”

Wow. It makes me want to buy this book!

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