Sunday, August 02, 2009

The First Day of Fourth Grade

Here we go! Tomorrow 24 nine-yer-olds will spend the day with me. We will:
• #1 make sure we know how everyone is getting home!!
• we'll begin to brainstorm a classroom Constitution and Bill of Rights
• do the Harry Wong thing and begin establishing those rituals and procedures -- classroom, hall, restroom, cafeteria, lab, interactive whiteboard, outdoor "classroom", etc.
• take up and organize paperwork -- ugh!
• read the first chapter of my favorite children's book, The Lion's Paw by Robb White. If they don't love it by the end of the day just wait till chapter two.
• if it's nice out we'll tour the trail for a little while
• I'll tell a story or two - The Foolish Frog or How Possum Learned to Play Possum
We'll successfully make it through activity, lunch, and recess.
• I'll recite Jabberwocky - at least once - and maybe a few others
• a couple or three students will have been precocious enough to have their Brown Bag reports ready and will present them to the class-- I passed out the bags and instructions at Meet The Teach night. I will video the three-minute reports with our new little USB video camera.
• We'll do a couple of little academic inventories.
• We'll get pictures of each child with Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Echols (my student teacher)
• Maybe we'll begin our "Auto-Biographies" (First person narrative of a recent trip from the point-of-view of each child's family car.)
• Each child will make it to the correct bus line, the car line, or to the After-school program at 3:10.

AND despite the eventful day of many distractions, I will remember my voice lesson and I will not be pummeled by my FB friend and vocal coach, Angela.

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