Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've uploaded a few stories this week. My student teacher used her little Flip camera to video two stories on Thursday... but they were done in the Exploratorium -- that's our grand name for the cluttered classroom we use as our science lab. So on Friday we videoed again, this time with a tripod and better camera in Avis's neat and interesting Media Center.

Here are the links:
Pigtails Part One
Pigtails Part Two
This is the story of temptation on my very first day of first grade in 1953.

The Tailor
A traditional story of recycling and reuse,  told by Danny Kaye, among others.

How 'Possum Learned To Play 'Possum Part One
How 'Possum Learned To Play 'Possum Part Two

A Joel Chandler Haris story retold by Ed Stivender and others.

Here are some written versions of stories I tell:

Baptism by Water and Fire
Bud and James follow the Dinky tracks and go skinny-dipping in the Yellow River.

Didelphis Virginiana
A midnight prowler in Booger Hollow

Spare the Rod, Icabod
As a beginning teacher I was left in custody of 30 sixth-graders and one Black Dragon.

I'll never look a Florida in quite the same way.

How my saddest Christmas also brought me joy.

I have also recorded some podcasts of, mostly, poems:

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