Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dreaming Musical Theatre

Thirteen dream roles for this actor/singer

Last Thursday I started this list of some of the roles I would love or have loved to play. But rehearsal got in the way of completing it. So why not a Saturday/Sunday/Thursday Thirteen?

What a hoot to get to be a part (Matthew Brady(?)/Joshua Chamberlain) of The Civil War (The Musical) this weekend! This role would have to fit in here somewhere... but excluding my current role, the following are tops on my current list.

1. Jean Valjean. Time will run out for me before too terribly much longer on this one. I have hopes that Sam Baltzer and Brian Sikes will decide to do at least a concert version of this. The fear is that some younger or better singer will get the role. Please, before I die, I want to sing this role!

2. Charlie Anderson. In 1998 I was thrilled to play this wonderful role. Charlie gets 6 solos in Shenandoah. They run the gamut: the joyous “It’ a Boy” , a wistful ballad about his daughter’s coming of age, raging anti-war songs, and a lullaby for the new grandchild. I really hope I get another shot at this one soon!

3. Tevye. I think it was 2000 when I got to play Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. It was especially nice that one of Tevye’s daughters was played by Brannon!

4. Archibald Craven. I played this tortured man in The Secret Garden in 2004. Both Brannon and Lillian had nice roles in it as well. I especially love the duet, Lily’s Eyes.

5. Phantom. I really am not that fond of the story, but I love the music. It might be the most demanding of all vocally.

6. Javert. But only after I’ve done Jean Valjean!

7. Thernardier. But only after I’ve done Valjean and Javert!

8. The Cowardly Lion. One of the great comedic solos in the literature.

9. The Wizard of Oz. I’ve done this one twice. If he just had a nice solo or two he could move up a spot or two.

10. The Wizard of Oz in Wicked.

11. The Bill Pullman character in Newsies. Someone needs to put this on the stage.

12. Captain Hook. Deliciously evil!

13. Maurice in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed this little role just last year. last year.

Do you notice that I have actually managed to play three of my four top dream roles!! Do you suppose I might actually get a shot at Jean Valjean before my voice goes?

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