Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Charles Shaw - Daddy

Last December I wrote about my father, Charles Columbus Shaw, on the nineteenth anniversary of his death. Now, on Fathers Day, he is, of course, on my mind again. Daddy was a Methodist pastor, and a good preacher.

Today my current pastor, David Campbell, gave an excellent sermon for this special day. As he often manages to do, he elicited an unexpected tear as he recounted the story of adoptive parents and compared their unconditional love to that of our heavenly Abba/Father/Daddy who "adopts" (Romans 8) us.

My Daddy was an amazing human being, with a variety of faults and foibles, but with an abiding faith and unconditional love for his children.

Here is what I wrote last December.

We had a nice lunch here today. Mama joined us. Sheila spread the table with "Lillian's Favorite Chicken" (boneless breast coated with ranch dressing, topped with mozzarella and parmesan and broiled), a wonderful salad of assorted greens and veggies, steamed squash and onions and broccoli, brown rice, fresh cantaloupe, and strawberries, ice cream and angel food for dessert. The girls gave me presents and a hug. I hope I have been half the dad to them that my Dad was to me.

And I hope other Dads out there have had days as good as mine, but I doubt many have. I am truly a lucky man.

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