Friday, June 09, 2006

"Fair Game"

Brannon and I happened upon Ann Coulter on Hannity (gag) and Colmes last night. She regurgitated the venom proudly. Hannity (gag) defended the %$#@^% by repeating, repeating, repeating, unfortunate word choices by various Democrats. The woman is shameless. She does not deny the meaning of her words but defends them. Just as Bush repeated, repeated, repeated, his trifecta joke. Bill Press addresses the hypocrisy of the venomous Ms. Coulter here. George W. Bush began politically exploiting the tragedy of 2001, part of his "trifecta*", while the ruins were still smouldering. Now his pet dragon is projecting Bush's sleazy behavior onto women who, I believe rightly, worked through their grief to get a very reluctant President to support a "9-11" commission, and then to get that commission's recommendations implemented by a reluctant administration.

Agree or disagree? Fine. I'll hear your arguments.

Question their grief? You are the 20th hijacker, gliding in on your scaly wings to add your fiery breath to the terrorist flames.

Perhaps I should ignore the @^$#@%^. I can't. I have to say it again. This woman is evil.


For those unfamiliar with Bush's tasteless joke:
"Lucky me! I hit the trifecta," Bush said to his budget director shortly after the terrorist attacks of 2001, referring to the recession, the war, and the attacks. He later repeated the joke many times to the laughter of his Republican friends. You can find the quote on the White House website.

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