Friday, June 30, 2006

The Obscenity of a Painless War

"Let's Whup Up on Those Dirty Islamofascists --
But I, um, 'Gave at the Office'"

We have lamented previously (here and here) the obscenity of conducting a war that is virtually painless to the average citizen. We are spending gazillions of dollars and considerable blood for a cause our president proclaims noble. Meanwhile, however, he calls for more tax rollbacks. The financial burden of the war, therefore, falls on our children and grandchildren.

Rick DeMent in a comment at Oh!Pinion seems to share my disgust for the conduct and financing of Bush's war:
I just wish that all of those people who “support the troops” by putting little yellow ribbon magnets on their SUVs would be willing to “support the troops” by ponying up some more cash in the form of a tax increase or maybe a check box on their income tax forms that said, yes I am willing to support the “cost of freedom by including XXX over and above my tax bill” I wonder how many people would actually contribute voluntarily?

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