Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Does Huckabee Really Think That Evolutionary Theory is Not True?

I saw Mike Huckabee on Larry King last night. He confirmed to Larry that he does not believe that evolutionary theory is true.

Huckabee seems to me to be a pretty wily politician and it's hard for me to believe that he really thinks that evolutionary theory is not true. He is simply trying to communicate in a way that emphasizes that he is serious when he says he believes in God. Huckabee seems to be trying to capitalize on the thinking that concludes that if a person believes in the truth of God, he or she probably doesn't believe in the truth of the theory of evolution. He certainly wants to attract anti-evolutionists to his camp, but I doubt that Huckabee really feels that the theory of evolution is not true.

But Huckabee's assertion that he doesn't believe in evolution is thought provoking because it raises the oldest questions in the book: What is truth? How do we determine what is true? I posted an article that takes Huckabee at his word and explores the idea that a person who rejects evolutionary theory raises questions that necessarily puts his or her qualifications for the presidency in doubt.

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