Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Failing Democracy Should Be A Big Issue -- Why Isn't It?

The central problem of our day, the issue I believe all presidential candidates must address, is the fact that our democracy is failing. The evidence is everywhere, and the evidence is disturbing. I don't understand, for example, why the fact that 90% of U.S. House seats are "safe," isn't a big issue. Why isn't someone pushing a constitutional amendment that will help solve this dangerous situation? I don't understand why the fact that our government is controlled by big money and corporations isn't a big issue. As Bob Dole liked to say, "Where is the outrage?"

I would like to see the deteriorating state of our democracy objectified in data and in scientific terms. I would like to see anthropologists and sociologists do a professional analysis of the state of our democracy. The findings of objective observers would make a dramatic report. The state of our democracy should be a topic of compelling interest and should be a matter of national debate. But I see little mention of it. Why is that? I've seen no mention of this topic in any presidential debate that I've watched. (But, I've not seen them all.) This topic should be generating a lot of interest. Why isn't it?

If big money felt that our gerrymandered "safe" congressional districts somehow threatened its power, we can be sure that this would be a big topic of discussion in this political season. But, whereas a failing democracy weakens the power of average citizens, a failing democracy gives big money much more power.

I have to wonder if the big money and corporations, who most benefit from a degenerated democracy, are somehow suppressing discussion of this topic. Regardless of our zillions of media connections, somehow it is the message of big money and big corporations that dominate. That is not surprising.

Once again: This is America -- a land of liberty and justice for all, a land of vibrant democracy. We are immersed in propaganda and have become as acclimated to it as fish are to water.

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