Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Menus & Memories

What y'all cooking for New Year's?
Here's some recipes & menus
- from The Median Sib
- from Georgia On My Mind

Here's to a couple of special babies:

Larisa is number 5 on the list below. This is how she is s'posed to look. Instead she is a grown-up chasing these (below) around.

And this new graduate:

Sam should be about three or four. The world has gone mad.

Heritage Re-Post from January 1, 2006

Counting down my favorite New Year memories

10. Guy Lombardo, Dick Clark, Ball Drops, the TV thing.

9. Illegal fireworks when I was a kid

8. Waking little girls to see in the new year

7. Watch night services when I was a kid

6. 1970-71 (Central Time) “All night singing” at Blountstown FL.

5. 1974-75 Seeing one-day old baby Larisa

4. (many times) Watching the new year in with my in-laws in Tallahassee

3. (several times) Watching the New Year in with our friends the Craws on their farm

2. New Year outdoor family reunions for (Annie Brannon Snell) Grannie’s Dec. 31 birthdays.

1. 1970-71 Kissing a certain girl and telling her, for the first time, that I loved her. I still do by the way. I have been with her to see in that new year and 34 more so far!


2008 update

• We saw 2007 in with a great group of friends and a fun celebration that would have to be included in this list.

• Now we can add two joint New Year's Eves to the total above.

• This is our second "empty nest" new year.

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