Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Concert: Follow Me

I watched a retrospective on John Denver as I graded papers today. It was on public TV. Milt Okun, who produced records for PP&M, the Chad Mitchell Trio, Denver, and many others, mentioned that two of John Denver's songs are among the top ten most used wedding songs. One of those is "Annie's Song". I didn't catch the other, maybe it was "For You". On August 8, 1971, another of his songs was sung at the wedding of Sheila Matthews and Terrell Shaw. My sister Beth sang it beautifully then. Here is a very young post-Jet-Plane but pre-superstardom John Denver singing it on Upbeat, a Cleveland-based rival show to American Bandstand. Since Sheila and I were (and are) strong feminists, we used the altered last line PP&M used, "...take my hand and I will follow, too."

As I mentioned in the post with last week's Sunday Concert, Sheila and I think John Denver's concert at the Omni in Atlanta in the early seventies was one of the best concerts we've ever attended.

By the way, I checked several online wedding song lists and am sad to report that Denver's songs seem to have fallen off the wedding song charts. I still like them.

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