Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary or Obama, quick...

I found this at Oh!Pinion and borrowed it:

Well, as of today, we have two outstanding finalists for the Democratic nomination: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. As I have said before our party has been rich in talent for the Presidential race this year. Partly out of loyalty I have stuck with John Edwards until his withdrawal from the race today. His campaigned failed, mainly IMHO, because of money and the media (see above). Here is his statement today. John Edwards is a class act. I hope President Clinton or Obama will find a good way to use this man in the next administration. (I said, "I hope..." I know we still have a ways to go to make it happen!)

I have been thrilled in a way, but also very frustrated, that my second choice was very hard to make. I believe either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama would make a great President.

If I had to vote today, I'd vote for Hillary Clinton. I am thrilled as a teacher of many little girls to be able to tell them with great conviction, "You, too, could become President of the United States one of these days. I am excited to see the enthusiasm of my daughters for an American President who is female.

For myself, I am excited to think that someone so closely involved in the White House in the boom years of 1993-2001 will be our President. I am pleased to think that someone with whom I feel such kinship after reading her autobiography will be President. I am happy to imagine someone who has shown such loyalty and honor and wisdom and poise and openness to biprtisanship under incredible pressure and vicious hate from the far right will lead our country.

Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I believe a Clinton - Obama ticket would be very strong. What an orator to campaign for our ticket, what an inspiration as the first black person on amajor party ticket, and as VP what an asset to be an ambassador for our country as we rebuild our position in the world community. And if things go right Vice President Obama would be a great candidate for President in 2016. That is just very exciting to me!

By the way: Hillary Clinton outpolled each of the Republican candidates in Florida with NO campaign. Why wasn't that bigger news! I know, I know, it was a "straw poll" in a way, but still impressive! Those were real voters in huge numbers getting out to express their preferences. And the Democrats together, with no campaigning, out-polled the Republicans despite the tight race between McCain and Romney and two other strong candidates. That seems like mighty big news to me.

Hurray for Hillary!!
Hurray for Barack!!
Hurray for John Edwards!!
Hurray for America!!

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