Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Pet?

My bloging friend SW Anderson at Oh!Pinion would have gotten a kick out of my morning.

As I stepped off my porch I was watching the mother cat slink under the house. There is hidden away under there, where we can't get to them, a new litter of kittens.

Suddenly I realized I was about to step on a kitten which jumped onto my leg.

Startled I jumped away. The doggone thing followed me. Except it wasn't a kitten.

It is a baby squirrel!! And it continued to follow me.

Then it bounced into the azaleas where I knew Mama Cat was now waiting.
So I grabbed a hoe to guard the little thing from certain death.
It ran up the hoe! I shook it off and moved away. It bounded after me. I jumped to one side. It ran after me. I ran across the gravel. It bounced toward me. I froze. It climbed onto my shoe and then up my leg!

I am the adoptive daddy of a squirrel.

My neighbor Welton saw the commotion and grabbed a camera to preserve for posterity the image of his crazy neighbor dancing with a squirrel. Then his wife Jeannie joined us with a some broken pieces of pecan.

The squirrel ate from her hand. Welton disappeared and came out with a glass lid of water for the critter to use to wash down the pecan he had stored in his cheeks.

What fun.
It ate from our hands. We petted it.

Unfortunately a tame squirrel in this neighborhood of a thousand cats may be doomed to a short life.

(Check a previous encounter with squirrels.)

I used my new Flip video camera to make a short movie of the little rascal chasing me around, eating pecans, and soaking up the love from his new friends.

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