Sunday, April 13, 2008


The obscenity of the war in Iraq grows more obvious with each pasing day. War is, of course, by its very nature, tragic.

This war is obscene.

Especially obscene to me is the fact that this war is not our nation's war. It is a war of the folks fighting every day in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq. It is a war of their parents and siblings and children and spouses. It is a war of the people of Iraq. It is a war of the future citizens who will eventually pay for it.

But to the majority of Americans it is a political issue. We are not sacrificing for this war. Good heavens! This year, while billions are being spent on the war and our young men and women continue to fight and die, each of us will receive a financial bonus from our government.

If a nation is to go to war, the NATION should go to war. We should all be required to sacrifice to pay for it. Our sons and daughters should be equally liable for service in the war.

If war is the only recourse -- and there should not be war unless it is the only honorable recourse -- then all of us should be invested in it.

This war was too easy for those that initiated it -- most of whom have never seen war themselves.

This war is too easy for most Americans.

All war is tragic.

This war is obscene.

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