Sunday, November 16, 2008

Victim of AOL?

If you like me have been a victim of evil AOL's unannounced (to me at least) closing of long-standing websites hosted on that non-service, there is a possible, probably partial, solution! It is called the Wayback Machine. I was able to recover a major portion of the text and some pictures from my several AOL websites -- that I created in the nineties!

These Wayback guys archive gazillions of websites. You are likely to find multiple copies of your webpages archived in the Wayback Machine.

I found my main website - sans pics; my poetry website pretty much intact; a website I created to commememorate my favorite musical theater role, Charlie in Shenandoah. I would like to recover my genealogy pages, even though I have that info elsewhere. I also created a starter page for our church a dozen years ago that was superceded at least a decade ago -- I can't remember the exact name for it and so am unsure if it's still out there or not. I'd like to recover some of the text and pics from that.

In my humble opinion, the once great America Online deserves a good paddling for destroying these records, especially with so little warning. Of course, having relearned the AAABU* lesson many times since I bought my first Mac in 1988, I should have known better.

* Always, always, always backup!

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