Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homegrown Terrorism

A right wing terrorist struck again today.
Another murdered a medical doctor less than two weeks ago.

And some of our ordinary-run-of-the-mill-non-violent-right-wing-nuts have been screaming bloody murder because the Homeland Security Department warned of the growth of right-wing extremists.
Had these folks forgotten Tim McVeigh?
Will they continue to say we should ignore extremists on the right?

Just because they want to keep an eye out for extremists like the neo-Nazis and Klan and Violent Abortion "holocaust" screamers doesn't mean Homeland Security is monitoring Scalia's every move, or even idiots like O'Reilly and Limbaugh.


I suppose there are left wing extremists in America. As someone has pointed out: the extremists on the left hug trees or pour fake blood on furs; extremists on the right blow up federal buildings (a a few hundred men, women, and children), murder doctors, and attack museums with deadly weapons.

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