Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Kind of President

I wrote this a month ago. Just noticed it was never posted. Here goes.
I just listened to the President being interviewed on C-Span. Once again I am reminded of the blessing it is to have this man as our President. I am sure I will sometimes disagree with him. I am sure he will make mistakes. But even then I will be thankful that we have a President who:

• is reflective. He actually thinks about the issues, considers options, considers his critics' arguments, evaluates his own successes and failures.

• is a constitutional expert. He is grounded in the Constitution, the theories that underly it, the arguments of its authors, its history, the great decisions about it in the Supreme Court, the men and women who have interpreted it.

• is pragmatic rather than doctrinaire. He can change his mind. He can compromise.

• is intellectually relaxed, open, honest, and self-confident without arrogance.

• walks with an easy relaxed gait into any gathering without self-concious swagger.

• listens to questions and just answers them in simple English without bluster or nervous tight-pursed lips.

Whatever cards history deals him, I believe he will play them about as well as anyone could, and, if they are the right cards, he may go down as one of the greats.

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