Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday at the National Storytelling Convention

What a great time we are having! Yesterday we spent many happy hours hearing stories and songs. We have heard several of my old favorites and several of my new favorites!

Kevin Kling's evil old woman walked "... grass dying around her feet...". Another of his characters "... didn't know coincidence: to a fool there's no such thing."

When John McCutcheon missed a word of a song he interjected: "When your memory goes ... forget it!"

My new facebook friend, Suzi Whaples, described one of her characters as "... madder'n a 'possum turned upright!" She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Andy Offutt Irwin, another Georgia boy, explained that in the South folks think an "underwire bra" is redundant!

Corinne Stavish told the story of Sarah from the old lady's point-of-view. Imagine! (I remember, the first Sunday after Brannon Ruth Shaw was born, that James Sanders used the story of Abraham and Sarah in his children's sermon, then had me distribute my Baby Ruth candy bars. Hmmmm.)

Bill Lepp patiently gave the history of the invention of the Tiki Torch. Later he suggested that deerhunters would be more successful if they took a hint from car manufacturers. Cars are made ever more bullet-like, why not make bullets car-shaped. Why, wouldn't deer just jump right out in front of those things?

Michael Parent's semi-fictional cousin Artie, given the choice of having his pizza cut six or eight ways, chose six. He just wasn't sure he could eat as many as eight.

Carmen Deedy's father to Carmen's mom: "May God bless the tree that gave the wood that made the bed where you were conceived."

Frenchman Abbi Patrix: "Truth and falsehood live in the same house..." [points to noggin] "...and use the same door." [points to mouth].

Minton Sparks described Vicki Pickle's mother as "... smokin' herself into a bass..."

We started at 10 a.m. and finished up a few minutes after midnight, tired but happy.

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