Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mike Burton for State Senate

I am proud to support my lifelong friend, Mike Burton, for State Senate, District 52. If you live in Floyd County, western Gordon County, or northern Bartow County, please look beyond the big money, slick ads, and negative attacks of the other side and vote for Mike and "Sweet Reason"

Mike will not represent a party, a special interest, or a rigid platform -- he will represent the people of our district. He is open, intelligent, and reasonable.

Mike is the Democratic nominee. Our district is 65% Republican. In order for Mike to win he must receive the votes of a lot of Republicans. I ask my many wonderful Republican friends to please give him a fair hearing. You will not agree with him on every issue, but I believe most of you will find more to agree with him on than you will his opponent if you give him a fair hearing. Thanks!

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