Friday, April 06, 2012

The Biggest Hickory Log in Adams County

My friends of the blogosphere will be shocked to learn that I have been declared the official certified 2012 outstanding liar in Rome Georgia, by virtue of my winning story in the Big Fibbers Contest at Chieftains Museum. Now I want to say up front, my story was no such thing! I even brought along physical evidence of the veracity of my tale. I want to assure one and all that this story is every bit as true as... most of my stories.

Some of you may have noticed some similarities between this story and Richard Chase's story "The Hickory Toothpick". Surely you don't think I would steal Mr. Chase's story! I am shocked and chagrined. You need to understand that my Daddy was a Methodist preacher. A lot of people might have heard his tales. It is entirely possible that Chase collected his tale from someone who had heard Daddy. And the fact that I listened to the following story may have spurred the memories I relate above. Those memories are seared in my brain, and have been for over a week now.

The Hickory Toothpick by Richard Chase
The Hickory Toothpick

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