Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all my daddy friends out there.

I still miss mine, Charles Shaw, every day, and his daddy, Grady Shaw, nearly as often. Their gregarious nature and joyous stories and huge hearts are such an essential part of me. Another big part of who I am is attributable to a father I never met, Wilson Baird. He died long before I was born, but his example to his eleven children, especially the youngest (my mother) still influences my world.

And here's to fathers-in-law, like Jay Matthews whose quiet integrity and work ethic and frugality helped form the wonderful woman who has shared my life for 41 years.

And to the two wonderful young women who once called me "Papa" -- I can still imagine those sweet little voices -- but now usually say "Dad", thanks for your kindness today. I hope I have been one-tenth the daddy that the above have been.

And Lil, I can't wait for the pot-roast lunch!

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