Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Path to 11-7

When the Republicans have no positive record to run on and no positive ideas for the future, as is true now, they simply make up stuff about Democrats. They ridicule Al Gore for things he never said. They "swiftboat" John Kerry. They Put Max Cleland's pic up with Hitler's. And now they pass off as "docu-drama" the myth about Bill Clinton passing up gifts of OBL's head on a platter. Here's a clip from the Media Matters report on The Path to 911.
On the September 8 edition of CNN's American Morning, conservative radio host and former Reagan administration official Bill Bennett acknowledged that "the Clintons had a point" in pressuring ABC to correct the film and admonished ABC for "falsify[ing] the record," adding, "I think they should correct those inaccuracies." Bennett also said that conservatives who have embraced the film "now have to be consistent," noting: "When The Reagans, that show about the Reagans, CBS show, came out, it had all sorts of distortions and misstatements. Conservatives went crazy and had it relegated somewhere -- I don't know. It never appeared on CBS."

Basically it sounds like the Republicans who put this "docudrama" together have accepted a popular internet myth that Clinton was given opportunities to capture or kill Bin Laden and passed them up. Here is conservative author and journalist Richard Miniter (taken from the same Media Matters report):


I did extensive reporting into the Clinton years, and as you say, I'm not afraid to take a few shots.


But certainly if I was the producer, I wouldn't have gone with this scene, because there's no factual basis for it. It seems to be drawn from an Internet myth, from a profound misunderstanding of what actually happened.

If people wanted to be critical of the Clinton years, there's things they could have said, but the idea that someone had [Osama] bin Laden in his sights in 1998 or any other time and the -- Sandy Berger refused to pull the trigger, there's zero factual basis for that.

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