Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Evil-dictator-removal Business

Found this from Gary Hart on the Huffington Post this morning:
By unnecessarily invading Iraq, based on false assumptions, rather than relying on containment, the principle that won the Cold War, we will be living with the consequences for a long time to come. We should not go to war because we want to, but only because we have to. There was no imperative to invade Iraq.

Forget the convenient default justification of removing an evil dictator. We have never been in the evil-dictator-removal business. By our unprovoked invasion we have: created an international training camp for jihadists; released ancient Sunni-Shiite-Kurdish animosities; established the conditions for a restrictive theocracy where before a secular Arab society existed; increased instability in the most volatile region of the world; and, perhaps most of all, surfaced a Great White Whale to accomodate George W. Bush's latent Captain Ahab.

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