Saturday, September 09, 2006

RPG Protection for Our Troops?

According to Oh!Pinion, a new tool is available to help protect our troops from the deadly rocket propelled grenades that have caused such carnage in Iraq.

The Israeli-produced RPG killer, Trophy 1, costs upwards of $400,000 and can easily be mounted on land vehicles or helicopters. Available since last spring, it’s been needed since our troops entered Iraq three and a half years ago.

However, without strong intervention from the top, our troops will have to wait — for five freakin’ years — for a yet to be fully developed system from a U.S. corporation, Raytheon. According to NBC News’ report, Raytheon is an “Army favorite.”
This should be something that people on all sides of the political spectrum can agree we should pursue. And anyone who puts business interests ahead of our troops well-being should be publicly outed and never allowed another cent of public money.

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