Thursday, January 25, 2007

Daddy Through the Eyes of Another Generation

The sweetheart whose advent made me an uncle has written a post about my father. Thanks, Lyn!

Here is an excerpt:
He would do anything in the world for us and to help us. I remember one time he had broken ribs. I don't remember how he broke them. I was a teenager. We went to visit him and he was outside grilling. I snuck up on him and grabbed him from behind in a bear hug. He turned around and greeted me with a huge grin and hug. As I turned to walk away, I looked back and he was wincing. Only then did I remember his broken ribs! He hadn't wanted to show me that I had hurt him. He didn't want me to feel bad.
The thing that I most appreciate about my father was his unconditional love. Each of us knew that he would drop anything and everything to help us if we were truly in need. It's great to have this treat of a look at Daddy through the eyes of my niece.

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