Thursday, January 04, 2007

Funerals: Gerald Ford and Ellen Wilson

Don Rumsfeld and Jimmy Carter each spoke eloquently and from the heart at the "family" funeral service for President Ford. Both found themselves choking back tears.

One of the commentators on CNN mentioned that such involved funeral rituals as we've seen for Reagan and Ford date to the services for Eisenhower. I wonder if that is true. Here are three pictures of the funeral procession for Mrs. Ellen Axson Wilson here in Rome Georgia.

The hearse.

The President's carriage.

Woodrow Wilson's wife died only a year into his first term. Recently released documents from the estate of his personal physician indicate that he went into a dangerous depression after her death. As you can see the Rome folks turned out in huge numbers to pay thier respects to the First Lady from our hometown and the popular president who had met and courted her here.

Click on the pics to see larger versions.

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